Ballad of the Weec'nsnacks
by i.e. and p.k.

Not terribly long ago, not too far away, on a glorious post-solstice day,
Two pompously ordained state heads, of intrepid philosopheric bent,
Through thickets of silky, driver-distracting, craggy-cliff, foamy sea scud, day-job dodging, bleary-blinked bread-bearing environs went,
A-seeking a certain ascertention of ascending sentience.
Ergo, in voracious vivaciousness, forth we set and were well met
(in a stand of sun and bocce-ette).
To hammock ourselves in fruit-bestrewn gardens at noon,
in which to indulge our pretensions,
Of MacArthur Foundation Grant induced wholly delusional pensions.
Verily, unto thee I say, intertartletsticity loomed imminent,
Following forthwith with with, forthwith with four.
Sailing with salubrious swank, singing severely serendipitous sonnets,
Tripping on terpsichorean toes, in fuzzy bunny batting bonnets,
"Wow" we cried, plunging feariously into the interstices of culinary mysteries,
Mysteriously masticating misinterpreted missives,
Whereon bwiggish banditos scarf briny burritos
In spackled spandex, fantastiguised incognitos.
Who once while sometimes wondering,
Rampendantically redangled above the quirky quayage of calving quizzage,
And called for SNACKS in paper sacks while voraciously voicing "Set!"
Whereupon the Weec'nsnaks' weekend snacks were snatched and sacked.
Henceforth snacking ensued, while hacking in snood forthrightly forthwenth forthwith,
Followed by great thankfulness.

for doug and marge love i.e. and p.k.
24 June 1996