by i.e

Llamas melting elastic eyes sagely agonize,
Reminding deathhouse owls, groper lycanthropists, that glitter leaches to ornaments.

Nomadic yearnings intimate myopic seances,
Landing jinglepall in arctic coin, to stymie eons of English realists.
And without slighting driftwood, lends illumination, curtailing wailing bleach,
The indecisiveness seething, hewn Egyptian toffee.

Further helmward laddie!
Fighting the mislaid,
Always playing in thralled envelopes, sofaed goff furthers its thespian entrails, while dire gatherings encircle.
Onwith Faerie rifling!
The sodomy of elfin synapses a gibes precocious.

for p.k. from i.e. in alaska