by mostly p.k., with i.e. and mgdd

Heft antique onanistic aphids rashly
Laudable Cabalistic utopias gessoing surreally,
Editors totter, squirming, devolving into flexible placebos,
Outward tornadoes, sonorous textiles tithe readily,
Snowing tangentially towards the papaya undertow.

Toadstools sack the lye.
Strut, effervescing torpedoes, to the nightstand,
Robed, ensconced, redefined as stretched henchmen.

Meteors, remote tyros, flirt tersely in cheekstripped slipstreams,
Over forgotten shrewish dribbles, ghoulishly drubbed by euphemistic dragoons.
Lycanthropists, incoherent snowchildren, threaten atonally with heathenish scythes in effulgently spoofed cabals,
Glowingly trundled under hyperextended poltroons.

If torpid neophytes slush the yammering ether,
If thrifty fathers reify the salvaged drachmas,
So pristinely depressed hypochondriacs, trashing the tinsel,
Negate temperate interpretations of condor offal.