Music compositions, interdisciplinary artworks, and live performances about glaciers, glacial landscapes, and climate change. Created in collaboration with visual artist Rebecca Haseltine, works intertwine audio field recordings and video from glaciers and landforms sculpted by glaciers with sounds from natural-object instruments, studio-produced visual art, and live video.


Sounds from amplified water, glass, stones, and sand are combined with field recordings of streams and oceans in a composition exploring the transformation from waterway to wetland


An art installation that combines music composition and audience-activated sculptural musical instruments to explore how multiple factors converge to produce extreme high sea level events along the coast of California.Confluences was developed with research assistance from scientists from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and is part of the La Jolla Historical Society's Weather on Steroids: the Art of Climate Change Science exhibition. An expanded version of the installation music is included on the album Watershed and can be performed live in concert.

Adfreeze Project

A series of videos, performances, and installations that combine sound and form to explore the Spitsbergen region of the Arctic. Collaboration with Brooklyn-based visual artist Oona Stern.

Antarctica: Music from the Ice

Compositions for natural-object instruments and field recordings from the Antarctic Peninsula. Instruments include Antarctic objects such as Adélie penguin bones, limpet shells, rock slabs, and penguin nesting stones.


Thalassa, Forest Phrase, Thresholds, Sila

Collaborations with Australian visual artist Genevieve Swifte that interconnect
music compositions and audio field recordings with video, photography, and drawing.


Watershed, Frozen Over

Live video and music investigating California environments and ecosystems.
Collaborations with San Francisco-based visual artist Rebecca Haseltine.


Tides: Estuary

Installations and compositions based on tidal flow in estuaries. Musical instruments include sea salt, water, shells, mud, sand, rocks, marsh reeds, and kelp. Collaboration with San Francisco visual artist Rebecca Haseltine.


Music for Rocks and Water

Water and stones are amplified and used as musical instrument in compositions and improvisations inspired by motions and gestures from the natural world.


Pinecones, feathers, bones, water, rocks, flowers, ice, and wood are cultivated as instruments in a collection of compositions inspired by Chinese wilderness poetry from the Tang Dynasty.

Instruments in Trees

A composition for arboreal materials (sticks, twigs, leaves, needles, pinecones, bark, and lichen) and upside-down string quartet (two cellos, viola, and violin) investigating cycles and processes inherent to trees.