music for rocks and water

Music for Rocks and Water is a series of compositions and improvisations that use water and amplified rocks as instruments and are influenced by motions and gestures from the natural world. In these pieces, three performers play water and a spectrum of types and sizes of rocks: from sandstone to granite, 10-pounders to sand. Rocks are rolled, rocked, brushed, rubbed, stacked and even tickled. Water is dripped, drizzled, poured, and has air bubbles blown in it at varying depths. Plus, sometimes the rocks are played underwater. Inspiration for individual works comes from ocean waves and eddies, the mysterious racing rocks of Death Valley, rockfall and wobbling boulders, whirlpools and vortices, the patterns of wind on grass, water flow through falls and rapids, and the shifting of tectonic plates.

mp3s from Music for Rocks and Water:
(excerpt) - for sand and granite rocks (2:08, 4.8MB)
Jiku (excerpt) - for wobbling rocks and air bubbles in water (2:29, 5.6MB)