a portal snowballs
a hint revelation
a suggestion falling in love
a black hole in your gut
the reflection of the sky on wet sand a friend
a slap in the face
swimming in the ocean amnesia paying attention
rebellion defiance a clandestine alliance a secret
the valuation of time a microcosm an experiment a gift
a surprise transport hopping trains adventure
a bike ride through the fog at 2AM wonder a severe undertow
tea & crumpets in a tree an embrace reassurance hitchhiking
desperation shooting stars every time you look up
intrepid exploration fully exploiting the confines you are given alchemy & sorcery
dissolution of barriers nested memories
eluding time trespassing the fog moon bathing
reinforcement of things you didn't recognize that you already knew
a quest examining details falling into the sky uncertainties
jumping into a reflection a fork hot chocolate dreaming unruliness
cartwheels & rolling down hills running until you're out of breath
a glass of red wine at a cafe in the south of france a wet dream about legos
clothes that are still warm from the dryer
the liquor never brewed danger terror
taking risks so that incredible things will happen to you
hardcore loneliness
laughing so hard that your stomach muscles hurt the next day
visceral investigation detonation voluptuous spontaneity home
instigation nomadic lifestyles
the bush being warm enough at night
roof access
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